GHD Staff Fundraising

The staff in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and New Zealand GHD offices have been busy fundraising for the MSABI project.  I have received a contribution of $700 which is enough money to sponsor a new deep borehole and rope pump.  So thanks to their efforts we can add another new water point to our budget!!!  

There is a school here in Ifakara that has requested assistance.  They currently have 800 students and no water!  So I think we will use this money to provide them with a new water point!  Thanks again to the staff at GHD!!!  

On another topic, the trip to Morogoro was a nice break.  The hunt for spare parts for the existing hand pumps continues to be a wild goose chase.  Our lead in Morogoro turned out to be a dud.  He did offer some parts as inflated prices.  $20 for an o-ring!  $300 for a piston assembly!  It is not surprising these pumps stay broken.

Oh, I also purchased myself (using my money not the projects) a second hand honda xlr 125 motorbike.  So now I can get out to the villages when I need to and my work will not be disrupted waiting for transport.

Today I tested the bike out and went to Namawala.  I paid out salaries to the MSABI team and started preparations for the training their next week.  

Tomorrow we will locate our first drilling point to start next week for the training.  We will also look for a suitable existing hand dug well to install a rope pump on, and a site to build our first split system VIP latrine.  In 2 weeks time will have completed our first new MSABI water point!!!

So far, in Idete we have 22 requests for a new borehole and rope pump, with each group ready with a TSH200,000 contribution.  We also have 6 requests for a new rope pump.

In Namawala, the MSABI team has only covered 3/5 sub-villages.  We have, so far, 20 requests for new boreholes and a rope pump, and 2 requests for a new rope pump only.  There is also 22 requests for a new latrine.  Each family will contribute 50% towards the cost of the new latrine.

So you can see we have a busy month ahead of us.  We can continue to stay busy and roll out this program if we somehow manage to find some more funds.  We have money to supply around 15 new boreholes and pumps so far.

This Friday I think I will make a mad dash to Dar (1 day bus trip) to spend Saturday playing cricket for an Australian team against an English team (annual ashes bash up).  It should be a fun day, but also a good networking opportunity - the poms team captain is the english ambassodor - so hopefully there may be some good contacts to get some info on funding.  I will then jump on the bus on Sunday and make it back in time to start the training course on Monday!

Catch you all later!

See below is the latest update on the Kiln.  It is starting to look good!