Thank-you Taylor Environmental

My friends at Taylor Environmental in Brisbane have pledged $600 for the installation of a new water point (deep borehole, PVC casing, sanitary seal, concrete apron and rope pump).  

Thank-you very much Taylore Enviro!  I will update everyone when we start construction of this water point at the Crossing School, Idete.   It will likely be in July.

As I have mentioned below, the demand is large, the budget small.  There are not many (if any) projects in Africa that can boast a 50% community contribution for installation of new infrastructure, so if you have the means please help out these disadvantaged communities.  

Your personal contribution will be matched by someone who probably makes 10-100x less money than yourself.  Your gift will make a huge difference to them!  In Australia we take clean water from the tap for granted.  Scroll down and see what people here have to drink at the moment!

Lastly, I have uploaded my CV on the MSABI file page.