Stop it!

Ok, there are now over 30 submissions for the community cost sharing program for a new borehole and rope pump.  The word is spreading in the community and I am blown away.  The MSABI team hasn't even left the village centres yet and travelled into the outlying sub-villages.

So, yes there is obvious demand for clean, safe water and people will pay for it.  I think that it is important to accept that there maybe some crazy "hype" and expectations, so it is important that we now focus on implementation and quality control.

We also have submissions for over 10 pit latrines at the moment.  I will promote a hybrid VIP design which incorporates a split pit composting system suitable for shallow water table areas. 

I will be talking to a number of important local leaders over the next few weeks.  One idea is to create a non-profit organisation and invite the director of IHI, and director's of the District Water Office and District Health Office as board members.  We want to encourage them to partake in ownership of the project.  They also have access to Government and potential funds.  Tied in with an NPO would be takeover by a Tanzanian partner to ultimately run the project with the community.  At this stage this is all hypothetical. 

Lastly, my friend Jason is in Dar this weekend searching for spare parts for the broken hand pumps in Idete (you can see the difficulty of a local villager trying to do this - the cost of the trip would be easily a months wages).  He is also looking for a tricycle work bike to be used to trasnport the drilling equipment around the villages.  They are not cheap, around TSH700,000.

Lastly, I am thinking of buying myself a cheap Chinese motorbike to get to the villages and surrounds.  I am a bit sick of trying to find free lifts, and it is impacting on the project.

VIP Split system.  Can be used in areas with a shallow water table.  Promotion of composting.  I am thinking of using the unused pit for a shower/wash area, and incorporate a gravel underdrain so there is no accumulation of water in the pits.