Pump survey update

I mentioned in a previous blog that the MSABI team in Idete have been surveying the condition of the existing pumps. 

Idete has 14 hand pumps, Namawala has 3.  The story goes that about 10 years ago Idete managed to get somebody into the district council and he managed to get some money for hand pumps.  Namawala missed out.

Anyway, the results of the condition report are not great.
Idete --> 6 alive vs 8 dead and 1 stolen.  All of the Afridev and SWN-80 pumps alive or dead require new handle bushes, gaskets, piston seals and footvalves.  Most wells require the threads on the PVC rising main to be re-done.  Basically every borehole has an accumulation of sand, as much as 2m in two of them.  Of the alive pumps 2 were reported to have good water quality.
Namawala  --> 1 alive vs 1 dead and 1 stolen.

I spent the day putting together design drawings for the VIP split pit lavortories -  and also waiting for a lift to the villages which didn't eventuate.  Maybe tomorrow.  More reason to get to Dar and buy a cheap motorbike.

Poor old Jason spent most of today in Dar looking for spares, but they don't seem to exist there.  We have been given contact details for a supplier in Morogoro, the district capital mid-way between here and Dar.