Program Overload - Demand beyond expectations

Local gathering at community (hand dug) well point.  The MSABI Namawala community education team undertaking hygiene, sanitation and home water treatment education as well as informing the community about "rota sludge" drilling and rope pumps.  As you can see at the start of this informal meeting the locals are apprehensive, stand-offish and lots of negative body language such as arms crossed etc.

I think this picture sums up the interest and impact this education is having!  Taken about 10 minutes after the above stand-off picture.

Removing a "dead" pump to inspect if it is repairable.  Basically, the community gives up on these traditional hand pumps because they repair them then they break again.  They loose patience and money.  
Mr Triphony - our MSABI Idete water pump "fundie" mechanic (in the red/pink top)

Checking the bearing on the handle of this Afridev pump.  To be operable again this pump would require new bearings, a new pump head, new piston assembly, and rethreading of the rising main pvc pipework.  Plus, the borehole has 1m of sand accumalated at the bottom.  A new rope pump would be cheaper to install then trying to fix this worn pump.  The community owners of this pump have lodged an application to have a rope pump installed on this existing site - total cost will be TSH150,000 of which they will pay TSH75,000 or 50%.  There are not many programs that can boast this type of community commitment.

I didn't anticipate the demand for the community contribution scheme.  In just two weeks we now have over 20 groups who have TSH200,000 ready for a new borehole and rope pump.  This accounts for all my budget.  I am very worried.  I think I will have to stop any more submissions, because this small project is unable to support the demand.  

We are purchasing one new "rota sludge" drilling unit.  Already we have 20 weeks of work requested.  I only have labour budgeted until the start of August.  We really need to look at purchasing another "rota sludge" drill so that there is one per village, and the lag time is reduced by half!  The cost for a new unit is around TSH1.5 million ($1500).

Idete has requested an additional 2 free pumps be installed at 2 of their outlying schools.  These schools have a real problem with water.  The cost will be around TSH600,000 ($600) for each pump including drilling of a new borehole, sanitary seal, concrete apron and training.  We currently don't have money budgeted for this so if you would like to donate a new water point for a school please let me know!