Kiln update

Foundation completed. 8 courses of bricks. 

You can see the ash tunnel and the start of the hot foundation for the furnace.

The foundation is complete and the furnace section is now under construction.  This part requires a special "chamotte" mix of clay, crushed bricks and a small amount of cement.

I have been stuck in Ifakara most of this week.  There has been no available transport.  It has been good to catch up on research, paperwork and complete designs for the latrine pits - yet frustrating not being able to get out to the villages.

On Sunday I am heading for a short trip to Njombe.  The MSABI team is finishing up their work experience program.  I will take the opportunity to see that they ready to start work by themselves, check out the workshop where they are making the the rope pumps and drilling equipment, and also make an updated list of equipment that I need to source in Ifakara.  

It better be worth it because its two days sitting on African buses that I don't look forward too!