Picture time

I thought it was time for some more pictures.  Back to the villages tomorrow.  I have to spend some time with the new "safe" water education team.  I will be back on the weekend.
Maji 1979. It has been a while since there was water from this tap point in Namawala.

Kilombero River ferry.

Flowrate testing clay filter pots.  We have to wait now until the kiln is finished to start flowrate tests again.  The kiln will produce ceramic of a different quality to that of earth baked pots.

This is one of the potters who is making the water filter pots.  He is standing over the earth oven used to fire some of the test sample pots.  The material being burnt is rice husk.

Menu board Namawala.  Tea 10c, Fresh milk 25c, Donut thingy 10c, Chapati 15c, Rice and beef $1, Rice and chicken $1.20, Rice and beans 70c, Rice and fish 80c, Maize flour doughy thing and meat $1.

A fine breakfast selection from the above menu board.

Restaraunt kitchen Idete

Bottom of Idete village.  Ahead lies flood plains and the Kilombero River.

Family house Idete.