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I need to mention Darren Smith again.  His total donations now have topped $3,000.  This is a huge effort!  The money is being used to build a oven (kiln) for local clay pot filter production.  Further, his money will go towards the manufacturer and distribution of the filters when production starts in June.

Also, I would like to thank my family back home who have donated over $2600 this week.  The money will be used to pay for the 2 week training course we will undertake in Namawala in June.  The training will be conducted in co-ordination with SHIPO an NGO from southern Tanzania that have expertise in "rota sludge" drilling and rope pump technology.  Part of the fee includes the capital cost for new "rota sludge" drill equipment - which will be used post training by the MSABI team to create deep boreholes for new water points.

At the moment we have budget up to around August.  Though, I'm positive that with continued support and with MSABI momentum building we will find a suitable partner/sponsor/institution that will enable the continuation of this much needed and effective work.

If you would like to provide a donation I have more than a few ideas where your money could be directed:
  1. We would like to purchase a toothbrush for each student in each of the 6 schools in the Namawala and Idete villages.  That's around 6000 toothbrushes!  But, at $90 for 1000 toothbrushes (yes that's right! - I have a quote for toothbrushes that cost less than 10c each) you could be responsible for providing preventative dental care to a whole school!
  2. Similarly MSABI would like to buy a bar of soap for each student.  This is a symbolic gesture that will be used as a motivator in our school education programs.  We will give 4 lessons at each school.  One on hygiene (did you know that simple hand washing with soap can reduce diarrhoea episodes by as much as 45%), one on sanitation, one on home water treatment and one on health and nutrition.  The MSABI local water team will undertake the classroom education.  
  3. We aim to install at least one tippy tap at each school. The cost is around $5-10 for each tap that will provide a communal hand washing facility (refer to the MSABI presentation for details).
  4. Equipment costs for repairing the existing broken hand pumps in Idete.  Not part of my original budget, but I believe we can salvage around 5 shallow water hand pumps - but parts for these foreign pumps are not cheap.  We are doing an inspection condition report now - but I would estimate $75 per pump.
  5. The community contribution scheme.  Every dollar saved goes towards extending the ability of the MSABI co-contribution scheme.  Already, in just under 2 weeks since launching the program, Namawala have 8 groups of people ready to contribute $200 towards a new borehole and pump supplied by MSABI.  That is a huge community outlay and shows how serious/desperate they are for clean safe water.  Currently we only have budget for 10 installations per village.  
  6. Incidentals and overheads.  Not a sexy donation, but a vital part of this project.  I have to cover costs for printing, phone calls, transport etc.  These costs add up!
  7. Clay filter pots.  You are welcome to support a local start up business that we are creating to produce cheap and effective water filtration options.  The anticipated cost for each pot is only $2!!! yes thats right!  Check out the presentation or previous blogs for pictures and info.
  8. Purchase of baptist drilling equipment.  The baptist drilling technology is similar to that of "rota sludge" but uses a smaller diameter PVC pipe casing that allows wells to be dug up to 70m deep!  This would be a really great investment for the communities, and only costs $1000.
  9. We need to purchase a 3-wheeler heavy duty transport bike to be able to move the drilling equipment from one site to the next, a working radius of 15km!
  10. And lastly, you are welcome to come and visit and volunteer on the project.  You will get a great overview of rural Tanzanian life and what you put in will be returned one thousand fold in appreciation by the locals.  In particular, help with community/social work, marketing, management, small business development, training/education, organisation set-up is required.

The following account is set-up to manage donations:


Dale Young

Acc No: 029235426

Bsb: 484799


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