Web Blog Launch on Facebook

Dear Friends,

The web-blog was "launched" on Facebook today.

This is the first invitation to my friends to view this blogsite.

If this is your first time here THANKS for viewing.

I've been spending time working on getting this blog started and adding a history of the project. The blogs are meant to provide an overview of the project and track progress. I am sorry if some of the posts drag on and get a bit technical. I will try to put lots of pictures and video.

Please sign-up and support this blogsite. If you like click on one of the sponsor adds to help the project along.

This project is not about me. Its about trying to help people who through no choice of their own find themselves in a situation where they can't access clean water.

At the moment I am making the most of a generous grant of $15,000 from GHD. Whilst this money will make a significant difference, it will run out around July.

If you would like to see this project continue then you are welcome to assist.
Small donations are welcome - as are larger sponsorships.

If you have skills that could assist this program and you want to come here and volunteer then let me know.

For starters, I would like to set a target for sponsorship of 2,000 clay pot water filters. Read about them below. For $5 you can be responsible for providing clean water to a household. There are 2,000 households in the Namawala and Idete villages.

I have set up a bank account at:
Dale Young
bsb 484-799
account number 029235426

Please reference your donation to what you would like it spent on.

As you know I am working for free. This is great, I'm enjoying the challenge and getting a lot out of it personally. Please be assured (if you can trust me that is...) that every dollar contributed goes 100% to the project.