Schedule Overview

Important Milestone Dates

March 15 First money instalment from GHD transferred

April 7-8 Two day training course at SHIPO headquarters (Dale Young and 2-4x water team specialists)

April 10 Commissioning of prototype bucket mounted clay pot filters

April 18 Meetings with Local community leaders, and water government team

April 20 commissioning of local artist for education posters

April 22 Applications due for prospective local water team specialists completed.  4 persons per village.

April 27 Interviews for water team members

May 4 Commencement of employment of water team specialists (8x persons) for 3 months

May 4 Water team members (4x  persons) travel to Njombe (SHIPO) for month long work experience for bore hole drilling and rope pump installation

May 4 Commencement of community educational programs

May 10 Purchase of chemicals for water treatment trials (lime, aluminium sulphate and bleach) and clay pots (silver nitrate)

May 20 Site scope for new water points

May 24 Equipment purchases complete for June training course

May 25 Dale travels to Njombe for 1 week review of water team members

June 1-13 Intensive training course conducted by SHIPO, located at Namawala and Idete villages.  Topics covered will include site selection and the design, construction and maintenance of well holes, sanitary seals, rope pumps, tippy taps and sanitation caps.  Implementation of a minimum 2x rope pumps at each village.  Attendance by local village people (8 per village), NGOs (max 4), and government (max 2).

June 14 Commencement of infrastructure and training programs led by the local water specialists’ team.  Topics covered will include site selection, bore hole drilling, sanitary well seals, rope pump technology, tippy taps, sanitary seals and sanitation pits (effectively a roll out of the SHIPO training).

August 30 Completion of at least 4x rope pumps and 5x sanitation pits at each village.  The overall objective of the project is to educate and capacitate the local communities to have the ability to improve their understanding of hygiene and water borne illnesses and to implement rope pump technology and safe sanitation pits.

August 30 Completion of a water project proposal that meets the requirements for Tanzanian Government funding.  The aim is to obtain long term funding, providing sustainable safe water and sanitation solutions.