An old Caloundra school friend, Darren Smith, has kindly donated a very substantial $2000 to the project.  
I am very excited and thankful on behalf of the project.  

Darren would like the money put towards the clay pot filters we are manufacturing locally here.  The pots are still in protype stage, so this money will help commercialise them quicker.  I am sure we will have them for sale before June.  Today I will pick up some more samples to do flowrate experiments.  Soon I will travel to Dares Salaam to purchase silver nitrate.  We paint the silver nitrate onto the pots and it impregnates the filters.  The silver assists in the removal of bacteria.  I will also buy some chemicals so that we can test in the lab before and after fecal coliforms, to make sure the filters are doing what we hope!

The funds have the potential to buy outright 400 filters.  Thats a coverage of 20% of all households for Idete and Namawala.  Whilst we could do this, I think the best plan is to offer a subsidy of around 50% of the pot cost.  Hence, the village people can purchase filters for around $2-3 and the project will sponsor the rest.  That way we can stretch the funds to over 800 filters!  Further, experience has shown on other projects that when people make a contribution they take ownership and look after the purchase item better than if it were given to them.  This subsidy theory has not been tested by our project so far, but we will give it a strong go, lots of information, community meetings, posters etc.First I will do some research to find out what they are prepared to pay!  If the cost is too much for them, then we will look at a higher subsidy %.  

So in summary, thanks Darren.  I know he isn't after any acclaim or recognition, sorry if I embarrass you there!
But I guess what I want to show is where the money will go and  what a big difference it will make to this small budget project.

I will aim to post soon the actual project budget and where the money we have so far will go.

I have had some enquires about international transfers for donations. 
The bank is Suncorp and the swift code is (i hope) METWAU4BFCS.