MSABI - We have a name

I had a busy weekend researching technical papers and updating a presentation for community leaders and also another aimed at prospective collaborators for a roll-on of the project.

Since launching only a few days ago Ive received lots of emails and support! Thank-you to everybody for showing an interest!!! Please feel free to let you friends know, we open to help and guidance from anyone.

So anyway, on the weekend we were saying that we should have a name for the project. We decided on MSABI which is short for "Maji safi ya afia bora Ifakara", which translates to safe water for better health in the Ifakara area.

It feels like the project is gathering momentum daily. Whilst Iam busy on the ground lots of action is happening behind the scenes. I think the project has lots of potential and need for continuation after we leave in August. There are a number of organisation here whom do health research, but none of them are working with water health related issues.

Diarrhoel disease accounts for 17% of deaths for children under the age of 5 in Tanzania, and is comparable to Malaria at 23%. A water health research and action program would dovetail very easily into some of the existing health programs here in the Ifakara region.

I will try my best to encourage the "adoption" of this project by a large research or private organisation, but I feel a bit out of my depth. Im sure Im not very good at "marketing"- I need some help in this area. Anyway, something like this really doesnt or shouldnt need to be marketed - Im positive the project results will speak for themselves by the end of July.