Key technology to be implemented this year

I thought it was a good idea to provide a pictorial summary of the core "safe" water improvements (in terms of infrastructure) that the MSABI project will implement in 2009.

More detailed information will follow in a few days when Ive completed the community presentation (and post it).

Ok. So the key "water" safe actions will include:

Hand drilling - The "Rota Sludge" and "Baptist" processes. We can drill to 70m using local materials and human power. Capital outlay $1000 per drill rig, and around $100 in materials and labour (PVC pipe casing is expensive) to drill to a depth of 30m.

Rope Pumps- They are simple, cheap, easy to use, easy to fix, and can be made locally with local materials. Cost of construction is around $100.

Promotion of household treatment options- These include the clay filter pots, solar radiation by putting water bottles in the sun on iron roofing for 6 hours, rainwater collection, and introduction of commercial chemical disinfection and flocculent sachets.

Sanitation pit design - Working with the community to find a sanitation pit design that they will accept, use and can afford. Ideas include the VIP and the cheaper Arborloo designs.

Community drilling with the "Rota Sludge" Technique

Schematic of the rope pump. So simple!

Solar disinfection. Simple and easy. Still a challenge to convince/convert the local population. Also, difficult when its raining....

Flocculation and disinfection. PUR product costs TSH100 (10c) for 10L. This will likely be considered too expensive by the local village people.