Experiments you win a few you lose few more

Part of experimtation is failure, and today we found the limits of the clay filter pots.  Mixing more rice husk than clay does not work very well.  I was riding home with 2 new pots, but only 1 made it home safely.  The pot in the bicycle basket coundn't handle the stress and unfortuantley it perished on the bumpy way home.  The pot had a mix of clay:rice 1:2.  It was supposed to be the other way around, but instructions on that got lost in translation.  Anyway, its all good.  The broken pot was a valuable lesson because it shows a profile through the pot, which indicates they are not being fired for long enough.  The inside is carbon black, which means (so I read in a research paper) that the rice husk has not been fully burnt out of the clay.  So we need to fire them for longer at a higher temerature.  This may be difficult to achieve without supervision because the incentive for the potter is to use as least fuel as possible.

Anyway, Im off to the villages in the morning, catch you in about 5 days.  I will take lots of pictures and probably have a few stories and updates on the typhoid.

BTW the other pot is 1:1 and seems ok, will do flow test rates this week in the village.