Chemical Treatment

Part of my original budget proposal included a contingency for “emergency” chemical treatment of water at the household level. There are commercially available packet sachet treatments such as PUR (a combination of disinfectant chlorine and a flocculent ferric sulphate) and in liquid form water guard (liquid chlorine). The problem is the availability and cost of these products. I am trying to get a cheap supply of PUR.

My idea was for a ready solution for when water quality is very poor – such as last year when there was an extended cholera outbreak in Namawala and Idete.
Working on a small budget lead me to investigate the option of sourcing the treatment chemicals direct from the supplier – a potential cost saving exercise.
I have found a relatively cheap source of flocculent – aluminium sulphate. I am still searching for a safe supply of low concentration chlorine. I did find calcium hypochlorite in bulk form at an affordable price, but at a concentration of 70% free chlorine it is just too dangerous to distribute to the public.
The aim is to put these chemicals into a sachet and sell them locally at stores at an affordable price. Preliminary calculations estimate the cost per sachet will be around 5-10c per 10L of water.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any experience or ideas, particulary knowledge on where to find bulk chlorine at around 5% concentration (ie household bleach powder form no additives).