Well point mapping

we have a staff member from IHI at the moment going and investigating on the ground for us the documented water points in Idete and Namawala. Officially, there are around 30 water points in each village.

However, our understanding from the local population and our own personal site visits is there is only 1 operable water point in each village! It will be very interesting to see the field results.

Apparently back when a lot of these points were documented, the field officers didnt know how to correctly use gps, so lots of false non-existant points were created!

Data being collected for us will include- does the point exist, if so does it work all year round, when did it stop functioning and why, what pump system is intalled etc. If we find any water points that are in good condition then we will use this informatin to help locate where we put in the 4 display rope pumps.

Obviously a lot of thought needs to be put into site location and operation/maintenance. These issues can (hopefully) largely be solved by involving the community and using their on the ground observation experiences. Obviously we cant rely on any geotech/hydro data. However, at these locations I doubt lack of ground water will be a problem as long as seasonal fluctuations are taken into account. Ground water quality will be an issue though, which I will try to roughly look at by trying to map roughly known polluted areas and working of obvious geological points (ie a mountain range on one side of both villages leading to a river delta on the other side).