The following article was sent by a colleague at GHD. It is very interesting and highlights one of the many problems faced with working in Africa.

Basically, hundreds of millions of dollars has been wasted on water projects in Africa because after a short period of time installed water points become useless.

In my opinion there are a few reasons why there are so many failed water projects in Africa:
1. very difficult to get hydrogeological data. wells located in incorrect locations.
2. projects run by people whom have no idea on water. ie missionaries, good willers, admin people, people in the development world workers loop.
3. poorly designed, or poorly suited pump equipment. breakages and no available or too expensive spares.
4. fail on upkeep and maintanance. blame game of ownership between gov and locals. who latest strategy is for at point ownership ie locals should maintain.
5. theft- an increasing problem

there are probably a bunch more that i need to be aware of.