We are progressing well on our water project.
Updates in the past week include:
  • important results back from the village council from our water information questionare
  • data from the District Medical Officer regarding cholera incidents last year
  • gps locations for all water points in Idete and Namawala Villages
  • confirmation booking for a 2 day introductory course on SHIPO technology 9-10 April. This will include information on boreholing, rope pump location, design and construction and sanitation caps.
  • confirmation dates for on-site week long training course with SHIPO located at Idete and Namawala villages from May 4-13.
  • scope of works completed and translated. Job advertisments posted for local water team members - 4 per village.
  • Dale has been in discussion with AFAP whom are keen to adopt the Idete and Namawala project for continuation next year. This is very exciting news which will provide official status for the project, including tax benifits and backing from Ausaid (including dollar for dollar fund matching!!!)

Dale will be in Dar es Salaam this weekend where he will be looking at purchasing disinfection bleach, and looking to commission a local artist to produce eductional water and sanitation posters.

Lastly, the young engineers at GHD have informed that they are continuing fundraising efforts. They are donating 75% of all money raised from a football tipping competition. This is great news!!! Any money raised will be used to purchase household water filtration units.