Pump for Life Training and Mobilization

Pump for Life mechanics hubs training

During Mbingu week in November 2014, the Pump for Life team organized a training for mechanic hubs on how to fill out the “Visible Impact” software reporting forms, as well as hands-on training on how to fix some spare parts, painting, building sustainable apron and tightening the rope properly. The seven hubs were trained at Londo Primary School in Mbingu.

Pump for Life officers (blue shirts) with hubs (red shirts) in practical training in one of the insured water points at Londo primary school in Mbingu village.

Pump for life mobilization

In January, the Pump for Life team conducted a third round of community mobilization, traveling to 93 MSABI water points and collecting information from water users on water point status and functionality. We also surveyed the owners of insured water points about their satisfaction with maintenance services provided through Pump for Life, and spoke with the uninsured about joining the Pump for Life insurance maintenance system. Not only visiting but also advising on low cost repair of water points enables the community’s continuous access to water. During mobilization the field officers installed iron plates with the water point’s tracking number.

MSABI field officer explaining to the community about low repair costs and techniques for collecting contributions to insure their water point (left). MSABI field officer placing the iron plate with the water point's number (right).