Pump for Life expansion supported by Human Development Innovation Fund

An estimated 30,000 water points are broken and abandoned across Tanzania. This data demonstrates the urgent need for implementing programs to improve access, repair and provide sustainable maintenance of new and old water services. 

Together with public and private partners, MSABI will validate and regionally scale a cost-efficient water point implementation program integrated with our Pump for Life maintenance system. 

The Human Development Innovation Fund, supported through the Department for International Development, are providing us the funding to regionally replicate, evolve and for others to adopt the program. 

Under the HDIF Funding we will: 

  • Track 1000 water points for functionality
  • Install 40 new water points
  • Rehabilitate 40 broken water points
  • Increase the clients enrolled into the Pump for Life program
  • Scale to a network of 20 decentralised mechanics
  • Install 80 remote water sensors
  • Manage M&E through an ICT platform 
  • Share learning with partners for adoption
Mechanics training

Mechanics training

Water point with users

Water point with users