Malinyi WASH Week

MSABI has a special event once a year in which the staff come together to promote WASH practices and interventions within vulnerable communities. All MSABI programs come together in one location and conduct meetings and events to promote best WASH practices and WASH interventions. By doing this, people feel that we are the part of their community while bringing our services closer for their convenience.

This year we visited Malinyi district, which is a newly appointed district within the Morogoro region. We had successful time meeting with the leaders and thus expanded the partnership between MSABI and government.  Additionally, the community warmly welcomed us and MSABI now has a strong presence within the district.

We reached a total of 4,119 people through various community meetings including house to house visits, large community meetings, film nights and the opening and closing ceremonies. We were successful at selling 34 ceramic filter pots, 7 home water quality tests, recruited 8 new “Pump for Life” clients and received 5 applications for water points. 
The week ended on a high with a community meeting which featured a football match between MSABI staff and Malinyi government officials drawing a huge crowd of over 600 people. Although MSABI may have lost the football we still felt like winners after such a successful week!